JOAN MARTÍ-FRASQUIER talks baritone sax on Radio Clásica

Radio Clásica’s "La Casa del Sonido" show invited Joan Martí-Frasquier to talk about his instrument, the #baritonesaxophone, and his trajectory.

Podcast (in Spanish) available here

JOSÉ SANCHÍS directs the Bankia Symphony Orchestra to standing ovations

After listening to the Orquesta Sinfónica de Bankia - directed by José Sanchís at his first concerts of the season in Almería, Murcia and Granada - the audiences all got to their feet.

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CANTORÍA to perform at the 40th Festival d'Ambronay

Tomorrow, October 5th: Cantoría will be performing at the Festival d'Ambronay (France) - celebrating its 40th anniversary. Here's to you, Ambronay!