Last week, as part of the Comunidad de Madrid’s celebration of Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936), Eduardo was invited to play THE SAME PIANO PLAYED BY LORCA 100 YEARS BEFORE, in the renowned Residencia de Estudiantes.

The congress, titled “Federico García Lorca: 100 Años en Madrid (1919-2019)”, took place at cultural landmarks across the city over several days, celebrating Lorca’s life, work, influences and impact. Click here to see the programme in full:

Eduardo’s considered tribute contained pieces by some of Lorca’s favourite composers and foremost influencers, including Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy and Albéniz. Additionally, he played a piece from ‘Amor Brujo’ by Manuel de Falla – a friend of Lorca’s – and Lorca’s own ‘Nana’.

Magical fingers. Wonderful music. A special piano. A small tribute – to a giant. The people who were able to attend the concert considered themselves very fortunate. But, nobody quite as much as Eduardo.


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