Late November, Early Music: CANTORÍA to perform in Aranjuez

This Sunday, the 29th of November, Cantoría will be at the Festival Música Antigua de Aranjuez with "Lenguas Malas", its most international program. 

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JOAN MARTÍ-FRASQUIER premieres Tatiana Gerasimenok's "4bkl" with Morphosis Ensemble

Good luck trying to stop this musician from working! Saxophonist Joan Martí-Frasquier has been collaborating with the Morphosis Ensemble once again, this time innovating with Tatiana Gerasimonek and using video to establish a playful communication between three artists.

This has been happening at the Fundació Phonos Festival de Tardor (Sept. 27 - Oct. 2), La Unió Social de Flix (Oct. 18) and Festival Memmix Palma de Mallorca (Oct 20). Next up: Musiques d'Aujourd'hui in Perpignan (Nov. 19).

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JOSÉ SANCHÍS x OSBankia x Callas + COVID victim tribute


In October, José Sanchís will again conduct the OSBankia at "Callas en concierto" and he will also oversee a concert in tribute to the COVID victims. More info about these events at:

Jazz at Lincoln Center with DAAHOUD SALIM & BRUNO CALVO

Tomorrow - Tuesday 11th August - Daahoud and Bruno will be showcased by this legendary Institution, via the Dizzy's Club Discovery Artists initiative. Check out their Jazzing!

📆 Tuesday, August 11, 2020!

🇱🇷 ⏰ from 11:00 to 12:00 (NYC - EDT)

🇪🇺 ⏰ from 17:00 to 18:00 (EU - CET)

Online concert: here

Melómano magazine salutes CANTORÍA

Less than two years after the Spanish classical music magazine Melómano championed the emerging force of nature that was, and is, Cantoría, the time came for an interview - and a front cover!

We know how hard they work. And the results this dedication brings when combined with their technical and creative talents. But it’s great to see this process acknowledged by others – and in this instance confirming the vocal ensemble is “reaching maturity” and demonstrating that “a job well done, with rigour, is rewarded.”

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GUILLERMO PASTRANA teams up with Michal Nesterowicz in Poland

March 6th 2020, 7pm, Łódź (Poland): Guillermo Pastrana will play “Variations on a Rococo Theme” for cello and orchestra op. 33 by Tchaikovsky with The Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Michał Nesterowicz.

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Join JOSÉ SANCHÍS on the road in March

3 cities, 5 programmes, 20 concerts... March will be a month full of opportunities to see José Sanchís at work on stage! More info:

JOAN MARTÍ-FRASQUIER talks baritone sax on Radio Clásica

Radio Clásica’s "La Casa del Sonido" show invited Joan Martí-Frasquier to talk about his instrument, the #baritonesaxophone, and his trajectory.

Podcast (in Spanish) available here

JOSÉ SANCHÍS directs the Bankia Symphony Orchestra to standing ovations

After listening to the Orquesta Sinfónica de Bankia - directed by José Sanchís at his first concerts of the season in Almería, Murcia and Granada - the audiences all got to their feet.

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CANTORÍA to perform at the 40th Festival d'Ambronay

Tomorrow, October 5th: Cantoría will be performing at the Festival d'Ambronay (France) - celebrating its 40th anniversary. Here's to you, Ambronay!